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Current Updates

8 May 2015

Updated New Zealand Marriages page with marriage of May Harriet Welbeloved to Albert Leonard Byfield from 1934. Link

Updated Australia Deaths page with death of Hilda Madge Wellbelove in 1985. Link

Recent Updates

31 May 2014

Added link to a basic descendant chart in 'Trees & Pedigrees' page for William Wellbeloved (1803-1862), Butcher of Deptford. Link

More detailed information for this family will be added to the site in the coming months, including photos & biographies.

25 May 2014

Updated 'Surrey Electoral Registers 1918-1945' page in: England & Wales/Electoral Rolls/ Link

21 May 2014

Created page for Richard Wellbeluff in: England & Wales/Military Biographies/ Link

18 May 2014

Created page for Records of the Metropolitan Police Office in: England & Wales/Law & Order/ Link

Created bio page for PC Ernest William Wellbelove (1878-1910) in: England & Wales/Law & Order/Records of the Metropolitan Police Office/ Link

Created page for Surrey Land Tax Records 1780-1832 in: England & Wales/Taxation/ Link

14 May 2014

Created page for Surrey Jury-Qualified Freeholders and Copyholders 1696-1824 in: England & Wales/Land & Taxation/ Link

8 May 2014

Created page for Land Tax Redemption 1798 in: England & Wales/Land & Taxation/ Link

29 Mar 2014

Created page for Kent Electoral Registers 1570-1907. Link

Added burial for James Welbeloved, 1701 in Barbados to Other Countries records page Link

16 Feb 2014

Created page for Surrey Electoral Registers 1918-1945. Link

At present the coverage is for the 1930s only, but 1918-1929 & 1945 will be added to our site at a later date.

23 Nov 2013

Created page for Canada Census 1921, where Wellbelove's transcribed to-date can be found. Link

22 Nov 2013

Updated New Zealand Burials Page Link.

22 Jun 2013

Updated England & Wales wills pages. Links to pre 1858 will transcripts now work. Links still need to be added to some of the will abstracts though.

26 May 2013

Updated South Africa Deaths & Burials pages, adding details for Beryl Wellbeloved in 1930 & Gwendoline May Wellbeloved in 1931, both East London.

24 May 2013

Created page in 'People' section for John Wellbeloved, aka John R Wellbeloved (1862-1922). John is most notable for being the progenitor of the modern day Wellbeloved family in America.

To-date there is not much detail - mainly a list of life events, but I have created a Google map, where I plotted said events in England, Canada & the USA. I am hoping to create more maps for the site in the coming months.

22 May 2013

The England & Wales Census pages have been updated. You can do a full search of any, or all of the 1851, 1881 & 1911 censuses in the Guild of One-Name Studies Wellbelove Archive Page. As an example try searching for 'Isaac' (there is only one!) in any year. It will return 3 hits for the same person. If you do a household search in the 1851 census, you will see him living with his mother Jemima and siblings. A household search in 1881 will find him living with his wife Racheal, and in 1911, as a widower.

A search for William will not only return anybody who's first name is recorded as William, but those where their middle name is William. It will also return anyone recorded as Willm, Wm, etc. Similarly, searches for Thomas will also return Thos, and Elizabeth will also return Elizth. You only need to enter the first 3 letters of a forename, so Ann will return any occurrences of Ann, Anne, Annie, etc.

Updated website navigation

Updated website navigation. The top menu has not changed, but records are now accessed differently. If you click on the 'Records' tab the links to the various countries and their records are found in the main body of the pages, instead of from a second level on the main menu. I altered the navigation as the original menu structure had become unmanageable, especially as I continue to add data sets to the site. The new layout may not be prettier, but it will simplify updates to the site.

30 Apr 2013

Updated South African pages. Main changes/additions:- Added baptism, burial and obituary pages. Burial page has tab for photo gallery of gravestones, where you can find several new images, not previously available. Updated and tidied up South African pages generally with information supplied by Joy Wellbeloved, Tammy Wellbeloved and others.

27 Apr 2013

Link Created a youtube channel to host audio & video files relating to our surname. There are just two audio files at present. One of the files - 'James Wellbeloved', was already on youtube under my old personal channel. I thought it would be better to have a specific channel just for Wellbelove Genealogy, so moved the file to the new account. The audio file had received nearly 2,800 views on the original channel.

Link Created a 'Wellbelove Genealogy' facebook group. Facebook, like the mailing list and blog, has proved a useful medium for communicating with fellow Wellbelove researchers. There are several fellow Wellbelove researchers who are subscribed to the facebook group who are not subscribed to the mailing list.

Also added clickable icons to the bottom left of the 'Home' page. These icons take you directly to our blog, facebook group and youtube channel respectively.

14 Apr 2013

Link Added a photo gallery to the 'People' section of the website. This is very much a work in progress,
and it currently contains just a sample of images for testing purposes.

7 Apr 2013

Link Added New Zealand Directories page 1866-1955.
Link Updated NZ Deaths page with press announcement of death of William Welbeloved in 1890.
Link Updated NZ Burials page with press announcement of funeral of William Francis Welbeloved in 1890.
Link Added image of Jean Emily Wellbelove grave to Canadian Deaths Page.

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