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Simon Parker-Galbreath is descended from Mary Wellbelove (ca. 1821) from Egham, Surrey. See Simon's ancestry on his web pages at:
Galbreath Family Tree

William Wellbeloved (1803-1862) founded the Wellbeloved Butcher's in Deptford, Kent (Later London) in 1829. Click on link to view a simple descendant chart, showing dates of birth marriage and death only. Living descendants have been omitted from the diagram, or marked 'Name Withheld'. Further details for this family, including photos & biographies, will be addded to the site in the coming months.

Ken Watson is descended from Eliza Wellbelove bapt. 21 Feb 1808 in Dorking, Surrey. Email Ken :- Ken Watson

Jenny & Andrea Marks are descended from Elizabeth Wellbelove born 1836 in Kensington, London, with Elizabeth's ancestry being from Egham, Surrey. Click on link to view their tree: Jenny & Andrea Marks Pedigree Chart

Bob Wellbelove is descended from the Surrey Wellbeloves back through Claygate, Esher and Egham. Click on link to view his ancestry: Bob Wellbelove Pedigree Chart

and are descended from Louisa Wellbelove of Richmond (ca. 1885), who married Richard Day in 1903.

Mary Spokes is a Canadian Wellbelove and is descended from the Old Windsor & Egham line in England. Click on link to view her ancestry: Mary Spokes Pedigree Chart

Joy Wellbeloved is a South African and is descended from the Egham line in England. Click on link to view Joy's ancestry: Joy Wellbeloved Pedigree Chart

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