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photo gallery

   An ongoing project, this gallery contains photos of Wellbeloves past & present. Hover over images to see further
   details of individuals. Click on images to enlarge view.

   [ April 2013 / 20 images ]

Alfred Wellbeloved Alfred Wellbeloved
Alice Lilian Lane Alice Lilian Lane
Bill Wellbelove Bill Wellbelove
Rev. Charles Wellbeloved Rev. Charles Wellbeloved
Charles Wellbelove Charles Wellbelove
Charles H B Wellbeloved Charles H B Wellbeloved
Charlotte A Wellbelove Charlotte A Wellbelove
Christopher Wellbelove Christopher Wellbelove
Ernest Wellbeloved Ernest Wellbeloved
Ernest W Wellbelove Ernest W Wellbelove
Jeanette Wellbeloved Jeanette Wellbeloved
Jim Wellbeloved MP Jim Wellbeloved MP
John Wellbelove John Wellbelove
Leah J Wellbeloved Leah J Wellbeloved
Beatrice Naomi Wellbeloved Naomi Wellbeloved
Nellie J Rowland Nellie J Rowland
Percy W Wellbeloved Percy W Wellbeloved
Ruth Wellbeloved Ruth Wellbeloved
Sidney J Wellbeloved Sidney John Wellbeloved
Stephen George Wellbelove Stephen G Wellbelove