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New Zealand Marriages

Marriages in New Zealand have been officially recorded since 1854.

Marriages are searchable on the BDM historical records website. You can search for marriages that occurred at least 80 years ago. Copies of marriage certificates can also be ordered from the web site.

Registers were also established to record overseas marriages

The marriages currently available on the site are shown below. There are later Welbeloved marriages, but these are too late for inclusion on the BDM website.

Marriages 1 Jan 1840 - 7 Apr 1933**
Registration Number Family Name Given Name(s) Spouse Family Name Spouse Given Name(s)
1895/490 WELBELOVED Emily Marianne RAMSAY William
1908/1430 WELBELOVED Herbert JOHANSSEN Eva Christina
1934/11064 WELBELOVED May Harriet BYFIELD Albert Leonard

** Marriages that occurred at least 80 years ago

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