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Richard Wellbeluff (1826-1908)

Richard Wellbeluff was born in Camberwell, Surrey, to Richard & Mary Ann Wellbeluff, (nee Cleaverton), in about 1826. He was christened Richard John 'Wellbeloved', 27 Jan 1828 in Camberwell, St Giles.

Private Richard Wellbeluff, (no. 1395), attested to the 14th King's Regiment of Light Dragoons in London on 18 Nov 1845, aged 19. In total he served 14 years 235 days in the army (18 Nov 1845 - 9 Jul 1860), 13 years & 2 months of which were in India.

Below is a summary of Richard's military service.

Embarked for India on 30 Jun 1846.

India Mutiny Medal With Clasp

1848-49: Served with the Army of the Punjaub - [2nd Anglo-Sikh War]

Present at the affair of Ramnagar, (22 Nov 1848), and at the Battles of Chillianwallah, (13 Jan 1849), and Goojerat, (21 Feb 1849).

Special Service, present at the surrender of the Sikh Army, the occupation of Attock [17th March] & Peshawur [21st March] & the expulsion of the Afghans beyond the Khyber Pass [ending 2nd April]. Received a medal for services in the Punjaub campaign, a bar [clasp] for the Battle of Chillianwallah, and one for the Battle of Goojerat - (see example of medal with clasps photo right).

1857: Served in the Persian expedition - [Anglo-Persian War 1856-57]


India Mutiny Medal With Clasp

[Indian Mutiny 1857-58]: Served in the Central India Field Force under the command of Major General Sir Hugh Rose K.C.B. He was present at.

Oct 31 Capture of Dhar
Nov 21-24 Actions at Mundesor
Jan 29 Capture of Rathgur
Jan 31 Actions of Barodia
Feb 13? Capture of Garrakota & pursuit of the rebels
Mar 3 Forcing of Muddenpore Pass
Apr 1 Battle of the Betwa
Apr 5 Siege & capture of Jhansi
May 7 Action of Koonch
May 22 Battle of Golowlee
May 23 Advance on & capture of Calpee & pursuit of the rebels
Jun 16 Capture of Morar Cantonments
Jun 19 Recapture of Town & Fortress of Gwalior

Richard's name is included on the Indian Mutiny Medal Roll. His service records suggest that he was also entitled to receive the Central India clasp - (see example of medal, with clasp in photo above right.)

Statement re: conduct - 'It appears that his conduct has been very good, that he is in possession of two good conduct badges, has never been tried by Court Martial, and has no entry in the Regimental Defaulters Book'.


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