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To subscribe to the list send an e-mail to: that contains the word :- subscribe and nothing else in the body of the message ie. no quotation marks, no signatures etc. and nothing in the subject line.

Any messages posted on the mailing list will then be automatically e-mailed to you. To post a message yourself send an e-mail to

Search the WELLBELOVE Mailing List archives.

Browse the WELLBELOVE Mailing List archives.

Use the same procedure to unsubscribe as when subscribing except with the word unsubscribe as the message.

If you have any difficulties with subscribing, unsubscribing, and with sending and receiving messages with the list please contact the Mailing List Administrator Alan at:

WELLBELOVE Message Boards :- WELLBELOVED Message Board

Genforum :- WELLBELOVE Message Forum

Follow any instructions on those boards to add them to "My Notifications" etc.

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