Y-DNA Project

The Wellbelove DNA project is based on the desire to try and map the Wellbelove lineages via DNA, rather than by claimed genealogies, which can sometimes be wrong, such as by poor genealogy, lack of evidence, presumption, deceit by our ancestors, or just mistakenly but innocently matching a wrong person on the available evidence.

The mapping of DNA will hopefully help to confirm of otherwise the lineages so far. If you wish to see how a DNA test project can map the different lines then I can suggest that you look at the Clan Galbraith DNA test results and the associated Analysis of results. The Clan genealogist has put a lot of work into the mapping in various forms. The project so far has produced some confirmations, disproved some supposed pedigrees and linkages, and even thrown up people with a different surname, to their and the Clans surprise! Although DNA testing is in its infancy the Clan Galbraith project has been worthwhile. 

You may read some reports that DNA testing is a waste of time and money. This depends on the sort of DNA test that you do. The most useful is the Y-DNA, as this is passed down by males, father to son, father to son etc. It mutates slowly and hence can match people with the same ancestry, and also help give an indication of the distance in years of a connection. The DNA tests that I have seen described as a waste of money are those that give vague racial origin, such as say they simply say you came from Europe via the Middle East 20,000 years ago. In articles that I have read on this subject the commentators have clearly not understood the different testing methods.

To-date the webmaster is the only Wellbelove who has undertaken Y-DNA testing. He took both the FamilyTreeDNA 67 marker test FamilyTreeDNA and the Ancestry 46 marker test Both providers are reputable, and it is for the individual to decide which of the several providers to use if they wish to take a test. However, note that FamilyTreeDNA currently has the largest database of test results in the World. Alan Has set up a Y-DNA Project with FamilyTreeDNA, who offer discounts for tests ordered through project groups - contact Alan if you wish to join the Wellbelove project. Also the price of tests in general is coming down all the time and the various providers offer discount prices at different times of the year. If you do decide to take the test then you should also try and have the maximum number of markers that you can afford done, as lesser markers mean a lesser chance of matching other results with any degree of certainty.

Understanding your Y-DNA results.(PDF file)

FamilyTreeDNA Ancestry DNA

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